Our team is energetic, focused, culturally sensitive, and highly expert.

We’ve assembled a diverse creative team of energetic, and culturally sensitive individuals from around the world. However our central production team are proudly Nigerian. We are based in Lagos, and we will continue to develop local talent and build the industry here.  While we have vast experience working with international teams, we bridge cultural gaps and make sure our messages are suitable for the local audience.

We are passionate about searching across the industry for the most talented and creative individuals to bring on board and collaborate with. We train and grow Nigerian talents, but we also ensure the right talent is matched to your projects.

In addition to our Core team we have a number of exclusively signed writers, creative directors and directors who we bring to your project based on their strengths.  They are all exclusive talent to this market and bring fresh new styles and quality to your project. This means we are drawing from a pool of the best people from around the globe to work on your project.

Dan McCain

Managing Director
Managing Director Dan McCain is a Lagos-based producer and cinematographer whose productions have taken him around the world, from Nigeria to locations such as Romania, India, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the USA. Dan has won 3 Emmys for his work with Ambassador Andrew Young on the program “Andrew Young Presents.” He was recognized for his cinematography and his production work on the program, “Chris Tucker in Nigeria.”In addition, Dan was honored with 4 Telly awards for excellence in television production and was awarded the prize for Best Documentary at the Zuma Film Festival in Abuja for co-directing the film “What is Wrong with Nigeria?”, a piece that focuses on dispelling negative stereotypes about the country and redirecting attention to the exciting possibilities and developments in Nigeria.

Azeez Damilola

Creative Coordinator

Augustine Gaius

Special Project Coordinator

Yakub Pawa

Senior Technician

Bulus Ezekiel

Office Technician


Do you have a passion for telling distinct stories through video? Are you ready to work hard and travel widely? We are always looking for top talent in the industry