Core Productions Terms of Service

  1. To guarantee a booking for a specific date all clients must pay a 25% reservation date. No reservations will be made for dates where a deposit isn’t collected.
      1. For clients outside Nigeria, please note that a wire transfer can take up to 2-3 days, so a 60% payment must be reflected in our account a day before the first day of the shoot. Where there is no payment there can be no service.
      2. The balance of 40% must be paid on or before the final day of the shoot.
      3. In cases where a deposit has been made but another client is interested in booking the same equipment on the same date, a 100% payment will be required to secure the booking. If the 100% payment is not made, a reservation for that date will have to be given to the other client and your deposit will be returned.
      4. In the case of a schedule change after a deposit has been made, future dates will be based on the availability of the equipment. No guarantee for a future date can be made.  If no suitable future dates can be arranged, the deposit will be returned to client.
      5. In case of a complete cancellation, only 50% of the deposit will be returned.
      6. External third party vendors will be billed separately and must be paid 100% whether included in the deposit or not[co7] .
  1. Payment must be made before the rushes can be released.
  2. We ask for a minimum rental order of NGN 50,000 per day.
  3. At least one technician is required to be with rented equipment at all times. The number of technicians needed will depend on size of rental.
    1. Technicians work a maximum of 12 hours per da,y with a 1-hour grace period for setup and teardown, and work time begins when they arrive on the set. PLEASE ADJUST YOUR CALL TIME ACCORDINGLY.
    2. Call times can only be changed 4 hours before the shoot begins.
    3. Once 12 hours has passed an overtime charge of NGN 2,000 per hour per technician for up to 20 hours will be charged.
    4. Overtime from 20 – 24 hours will be billed at NGN 4,000 per hour. Technicians will not work beyond 24 hours.
    5. All crew must be provided with food and adequate refreshments. Where refreshments and food are l not provided, Core Productions will make provisions, at a cost to the client.
  4. Any call time before 7 a.m. attracts a NGN 7,500 charge.
  5. Technicians are provided to setup and ensure smooth operation of the camera only.  Clients must either provide a camera assistant and focus puller or do those jobs themselves.
    1. Core Productions can provide a camera assistant and/or focus puller at an extra cost.
  6. Any equipment that is damaged by the client or the client’s crew during the shoot must be paid for 100%. Clients are not responsible for our equipment when in transit, if the transportation is provided by us.  In a case where one of our technicians damages our equipment, the client will not be held liable.
    1. Includes theft
    2. Includes vandalism
  7. [co8]
  8. Core productions will not be liable for the quality and working condition of any third party vendor equipment. We advise that a day be set aside to check that all equipment provided by third-party vendors are suitable for the shoot and in good working condition.
  9. Clients should not attempt to modify or repair any Core Productions equipment without written permission from us first.
  10. Welfare and accommodation must be provided for shoots 50 km or more from Core Productions office or call times earlier than 6:00 or shoots that end after 11 p.m. Otherwise, clients must pay a a fee of NGN 5,000 – 10,000 per day, depending on location. If the client decides to provide accommodation:
    1. The accommodation must be safe and secure.
    2. Must have 24-hours of electricity so that batteries can be charged.
    3. All equipment must remain with our technicians throughout the shoot.
  11. We have a minimum turnaround time of 10 hours:
    1. Any turnaround time (from previous days wrap time) of less than 10 hours will incur a penalty of NGN 2,500 per hour, per technician up to 10 hours.
    2. For example, if the shoot wraps at 1 a.m., the next day’s shoot cannot begin before 11 a.m. If a shoot wraps by 1 a.m. and has a call time of 8 a.m., a penalty of 3 hours of turnaround per technician will apply.
  12. The client guarantees that proper permits and licenses will be obtained to shoot and in the event where the proper permits were not obtained and the equipment is seized, the client will bear the liability of paying any fees that accrue.
  13. Core Productions technicians have the right to remove the equipment from the set if any unsafe situation arises.
  14. a[co9]  This applies to any situation where the equipment is in danger of being stolen or a situation that may cause damage to equipment.
  15. b) In the case of the withdrawal of equipment for safety reasons, fees will be refunded to client, prorated on hours used (based on a 12-hour day).
  16. Transportation will always be arranged by Core Productions but will be paid for by the client.
    1. For rentals where the amount is over NGN 100,000 and the equipment can fit into a small car, transportation within Lagos – no more than a 30-kilometer radius from Core Productions office – will be provided at no extra cost.
    2. Rentals where the Core Productions van will be required to transport equipment will be billed at NGN 15,000 per day within Lagos. Out of town trips will be quoted upon request.
  17. Specific Equipment Terms:
    1. When renting the Cooke 18-100 or Red Zoom 18-85 lens, the O’Connor head will be required to go out as these lenses are too heavy for lightweight tripods.
    2. The Arri Matte Box and Follow Focus, and other camera accessories use the 15mm Studio rods.  A base plate and rods may be required for operation with cameras that use 19mm system.
  18. Final rushes will not be released until final payment is made.