• Core Productions Ltd. is at the heart of the thriving West African film industry.

  • At Core, our goal is to be known as the go-to production house for distinctive quality and reliability. From creative concepts and engaging scripts to well maintained equipment and professional staff, we set the standard for world class production services.

  • Our team is the core of every production we undertake, from start to finish. We guarantee a turn key product and meet the unique needs of every client by planning efficient shooting schedules, maintaining a skilled crew and sourcing outstanding vendors.

  • We are dedicated to giving our clients the best so we hire top Nigerian and international staff. We work hard to be the core production company in West Africa by employing and promoting the hottest talent and most innovative equipment and techniques in the industry.

  • Most of all, we are honest to the core. We are unwilling to cut any corners because we believe that maintaining a standard of excellence is how we become the company at the centre of your successful film production, time after time!